Handling Student with Learning Problems


 Ways on how to counsel a student with learning problems.


This work are containing different definitions of terms, concepts of existential therapy, characteristics of students with learning problems and various ways of counseling learners with learning problems by using existential therapy.

Existentialism is a philosophy that emphasize individual existence, freedom and choice, it’s the views that, humans define their own meaning in life, and try to make rational decision despite existing in an irrational universe, also it using a self awareness and self realism to develop a positive view of a person (www.philosophybasic.com).

COUNSELLING is the skilled and principled use of relationship that develops self knowledge, emotional acceptance and lead to personal growth. The overall aims of counseling are to make life more satisfactory (Mutie, 2011).
Existential therapy Is a form of psychological counseling that is rooted in the idea and philosophy of existentialism; it focuses on the developments of self awareness and self understanding of an individual.


is a form of therapy which focus more on self awareness and self realism so as to develop a position view of person, existential therapy doesn’t focus on curing sickness but helps individual to examine answers to existential question, and revise the answer if needed so as to arrive authentic living, the goal of existential counselor is to reduce the client uniqueness, examine the inner critical realty of clients in order to help the client solve client problems (Heward, 2006).

Counseling process of existential therapy

  • Client are helped to identify and clarify their assumption about the world
  • They are made to question they perceive their existence.
  • They out to examine their values, belief, and assumption and determine their validity
  • They are made to put into practice in a concrete way what they have learned about themselves


There is no founder of existentialism because it has roots in diverse moment and discipline-philosophy, theology, psychiatry and psychology, its root dating back to the religions writer who was Soren Kierkegaard in the 1840 and philosopher poet Freedrich Nietzsche in 1870 and 1880.


Existential therapy has the following functions.

  • To understand the subject world of the client, and to help them come new understanding and new options, the client must become full aware of their feeling and actions in the present, contort their anxiety and develop a genuine relationship with themselves and with world around.
  • It used to help student with learning problem to solve problems, achieve goals and manage their lives by treating a variety of mental health issues like acute depression, anxiety, eluting disorder and others.
  • It encourage the client to be honest with themselves, to broaden their views on their surrounding world and environment and to make them firm decision about future plans.
  • It encourage client to reflect on life, recognize their range of alternative and decide among them, the goals is to make people realize the ways they passively accept circumstance and surrender control, in order for them to start consciously shaping their own lines by exploring options for creating a meaning full existence ( Heward, 2006).


The followings are four main characteristics of existential counseling

• Counseling approach, counseling is not concerned with adjusting the client to the environment or integrating him at all costs into his society, to do this would be to give wrong counseling, for adjustment and integration need is for individual to judge and determine the task of counseling is only to enhance individual ability to decide correctly.
• To view counseling as a pre occupation devoted to helping the individual develop his initiative, to help develop and awareness of the need to search for and discoed himself and to help him cultrate the spirit of self reliance
• Existential counseling relates to the observation that, the existential counselor play no special attention to anyone particular techniques of counseling, he select his techniques as the need arises (Howatt, 2000). In doing this his guiding orientation is to stride to select that techniques of counseling which shows the greatest promise of helping him, permits him to understand his client better, and help the client to understand himself, his recourses and limitation, opportunities and privileges, including having a good sense of the particular demand that use make on him.
• Existential counseling is essentially a life orientation process whereby the client’s attitudes to life, self, people are meant to be recognized to take a more mature and more self enriching f ocus (Howatt, 2000).


Students with learning problems have the following characteristics.
• Slow reading rate
• Problems understand what is read
• Difficult finding important point or main idea
• Confusing in similar word.
• Difficult remembering what is read.
• Frequently spelling error.
• Overlarge hand writing.
• Under achievement in math.
• Poor memory for recalling materials.
• Poor social skills


 Existential counseling make sure that, he approaches the personal situation of his client with a mind that, is totally unbiased regarding how a client ought to be have “these is because of his belief that each client represent something unique and something new, a belief in that clients various life situation and experience , including what he decide to do in counseling

 Existential counseling make that of sharing to enter into the unique life and experience of the client sitting before him, with all the empathy that this requires in order to see life and event as the client sees them, he does this in the belief that, it’s only with such attempt at unties personal penetration that he can understand and locate possible existential difficulties, fallacies or wrong attitude to life which combine to give rise to the situation to the client is bring for review and repute(Howatt, 2000).

 Having understood the personal situation of the client from the letters point of view, the counselor thence forth proceeds, to the extent he deems, to correct, challenge, teach or encourage a development a point perspective will be available for his life.

 Existential counselor must use logic. Cities instance from large life experience, tell target stories, proud out to the client possible fiancé in following one particular perspective in life rather than another and some time give his candid in life rather than another and some time give his candid personal opinion on certain question of life the client may put to him.



  • Quality of cognitive respective; this means that ability to see things in their proper perspective.
  • The quality of openness to experience; this is an ability to counselor to remain unbiased in reacting to event as they come, to remain open to new learning, believing in the need for constant readiness to learn from anybody, old or young and to accept being corrected whenever the need arises.
  • The quality of being at peace with human nature and life; including the power of having a fair regard for what is truly human and for what man can do with in his unmet less possibilities.
  • Possession of effective knowledge of the culture and philosophy of the client group for whom he is to work.
  • Possession of effective ability to be reasoned with and to reason along with others.


 Ability to reasons along with other.
 Ability to present personal opinion fluently and confidently.
 Possession of above average intelligence.
 Ability to see things in their right perspective.
 Humility to review whenever necessary any wrong opinion he may hold about self people and life.
 Readiness to believe that life requires a lot of personal effort from each man and that is one self and not other who has the ultimate right to divide what to do with one’s life now that he has got it.
 A balanced perspective regarding things pertaining to religions, God death and the here after.


 Teaching- there should be relationship between teachers and student, and what is taught should be cordial, interactive and free, and there good communicative are allowed between teacher and student.
 Industry- counselor should carry the search for the meaning in life to area outside the environment.
 Personal philosophy- in school system counselor should emphasize action not word. The counselor should be role model exhibiting that enviable quality like honesty, fairness, truthfulness, punctually, for emulation by student.
 Curriculum- the curriculum should be meaning relevant to our needs and aspirating, therefore curriculum should be flexible and dynamic so as to care student interest, abilities and capabilities.
 Governance- student should be part of school administration, perfect ship and other position, in the school should be freely consisted leading to democratization of the education.


I. To use short systematic (sequential) step when teaching, this means that teacher should start simple content to complex one, this helps students especially with learning problems in the class to understand the bases or fundamental of such content and to be easily to understand other concept(Heward, 2006).

II. Teachers should focus much on what student can do rather than what he/she can’t do and build on his or her strength. This means that, teacher should emphasis student by doing from rather than theoretical, for student with learning problems can help him/her to make long memories on his mind.

III. To establish a supportive relationship with the students, also teachers need to create relationship with his or her students so as to establish free communication between student, this situation enable students especially with learning problems to express what he/she doesn’t understand during teaching.

IV. To highlight important information
In this area, you as a counselor your suppose to list down all important information about your client example your suppose to divide this important information about the client info two categories, the first the strength of that child (Howatt, 2000).

The weakness of that child, inside of strength a counselor should highlight all skills that a child can perform example proper reading and writing. Inside of weakness/problem a counselor should highlight all problems that jades that child like arthemating there for through this a counselor can identify a starting point of helping this child during the counseling process.

V. Plan daily routine
In this area after highlight the important information about the child the counselor should plan the individual activities that a child perform each dap in the whole process of counseling, in this area a counselor can help a child to choose a specific time in a day in order to perform a specific task for examples in morning a child can make a little revive about what he was learned yesterday(Heward, 2006).

At the afternoon a child can lead and develop new ideas concerned with a subject matter and at the evening a child can also make an overview on what he/she learned at the afternoon.

VI. Provide students with task that are within his/her capacity
In this area also a counselor are supposed to give the task to the client based on the choice of the client into small potion in order to be early effectible by the client by starting from simple to complex for example of a child’s choice based on physics a counselor should be decide a child on starting with simple concept like definition of the terms and state of law and principles then starting to undergo the simple evaluations based on the subject matter (Howatt, 2000).

VII. Use wide range of learning resources example visual aids concrete objects, tactual charts for learners with visually impaired. The counselor should know the disability of each learner in class during teaching and learning process.


Every person born in to this world represents something that never existed before something original and unique. A brief exploration of the general notions of the existentialist philosophy on the nature of man was made, followed by a summary of the specific belief of existentialism regarding the nature of man and human life.

 Ways on how to counsel a student with learning problems.
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 Ways on how to counsel a student with learning problems.
 Ways on how to counsel a student with learning problems.
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